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About EnergyWatch

EnergyWatch delivers independent, critical and balanced journalism about the energy and utilities industry.  

Updated regularly throughout the day, EnergyWatch also issues an English language newsletter on a daily basis.  

The articles are produced by a permanent staff of journalists led by Editor Maz Plechinger. Additionally, Freelancers and external partners such as major Danish daily Jyllands-Posten and leading financial news agency Ritzau Finans also contribute to news flow. 

We strive to deliver high-quality, insightful journalism which requires investments. This is why certain articles are exclusively available to our subscribers.

EnergyWatch is the sister site of AdvokatWatch, AgriWatch, AMWatch, CleantechWatch, EjendomsWatch, FinansWatch, FødevareWatch, MediaWatch, MedWatch, PolicyWatch and ShippingWatch, and is owned by Watch Medier – a subsidiary of JP/Politikens Hus, a leading Danish media company which publishes three of the largest Danish dailies: Jyllands-Posten, Ekstra Bladet and Politiken. 

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Who we are


Maz Plechinger
Phone: +45 3330 8323

Maz Plechinger, born 1982, is a trained reporter from the Danish School of Journalism and has studied political history and foreign politics at San Francisco State University. Before joining EnergyWatch, he had nine years of experience from Jyllands-Posten, where he wrote to most of the newspaper’s sections, including Erhverv & Økonomi (“Business & Economics”) and Indblik.


Viktor Brandt Kærgaard
Phone: +45 3330 8368

Viktor Brandt Kærgaard, born 1987, is a trained reporter from the Danish School of Journalism in Aarhus. Viktor was trained at Watch Medier for one year, first at MedWatch and then at FinansWatch, followed by a half year's training at the Danish daily Børsen. Since then he has been a freelancer at Watch Medier.


Ole Andersen
Phone: +45 3330 8362

Ole Andersen, born 1960, is a trained reporter from the Danish School of Media and Journalism. For more than 20 years he worked for the newspapers Børsen and Berlingske. Here, he e.g. covered a number of major Danish companies and a number of business political conditions. Among other things he has previously worked as a reporter in the Danish Parliament and as EU correspondent. Before joining EnergyWatch, Ole worked at our sister site ShippingWatch.


Mathias Julius Falkengaard
Tlf.: +45 3330 8322

Mathias Julius Falkengaard, born 1992, is a trained reporter from the University of Southern Denmark. Mathias was trained at the Danish newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende. Mathias has furthermore studied several classes at Copenhagen Buisness School.


Victor Emil Kristensen
Tlf.: +45 3330 8325

Victor Emil Kristensen, born 1991, holds an M.A. in journalism & media science from Roskilde University, where he focused on publicist medias role on social media and the work with vulnerable sources. Victor has previously been employed at several countrywide publications, where he has written about the labour market and policy, the health care industry and foreign politics.


Daniel Frank Christensen

Daniel Frank Christensen, born 1982 in Washington State, holds an M.A. in philosophy & theory of science as well as cultural studies from Roskilde University, where he focused on political philosophy and postcolonial studies. He was employed at the university as a student assistant, has worked as a freelance translator for several years and has also been employed at EnergyWatch’s sister site, AMWatch.


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